Sequence Analysis Assignment

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watch (34:25 – 35:56) from: Man with a Movie Camera (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. to develop two parts of the assignment

PART I: SEQUENCE ANALYSIS GRID ( I will upload the grid document)

note that the grid should be done shot by shot of the clip I terms of Mise-en-scène, composition, camera movement, editing, and sound. ( use as many copies of the grid to cover the shots.)

PART II: Essay


WRITE YOUR ESSAY. Compose a 500 – 700 WORD ESSAY (Times New Roman; 12 point font; double-spaced; one-inch margins)

Include a clever title at the top of the page that faithfully orients your reader to the text underneath

be sure to underline your thesis statement

I have added the class notes for extra information

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