argument proposal about Smoking in public places has to be banned

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Requirements for the Argumentative Proposal

  •  Length – at least 1000 words of text, not counting the “Works Cited” page.
  •  Topic – a proposed solution to a problem with the following organization:

o A. Identify and explain the problem – you may even have to provide evidence that there is a problem

o B. Propose a solution to the Problem – the thesis

o C. Explain how your proposal works

o D. Describe the benefits of using your proposal

o E. Optional – Show how your proposed solution is better than other solutions

o Conclude

 MLA Format (all page numbers and samples are from The Norton Introduction to Literature

1. Title sheet as seen on page 1961
2. No formal outline is required – do not include one
3. First page of text as seen on page 1961
4. No separate title sheet – do not include one
5. Page numbering as seen in sample paper pp. 1961-1970
6. At least 4 parenthetical citations as discussed on pages 1946-1952

7. At least one direct quote and at least one paraphrase
8. A “Works Cited” page with at least 3 entries, discussed on pages 1952-

1960, with a sample page seen on page 1970 9. At least three sources

 Additional information on MLA format can be found at the “MLA Style

Center ( ) or “The Purdue Online Writing Lab” (… ) or other online resources based on the MLA format.

 Other good MLA information can be found on the “files” page in Canvas in this course in the “MLA format from text.pdf” file.

 Final drafts must be double spaced and typed or written in ink. Do not make a double sided final draft.

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