Representations of class in the media

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Visit , and click on “Class.” Find one image or video that seems revealing about how class works in America, or how we think class works.

First, paste the URL to this image or video at the start of your post.


  1. Describe what this clip or image wants to say about class. Use some detail to write a healthy paragraph (at least 5 sentences). In this portion of your answer, use your summary skills to stay neutral, not yet inserting your response.
  2. Critique this portrayal with another healthy paragraph. You might consider some of these questions (you’re not required to answer them all):
    • Does this portrayal seem true or false? Why?
    • Is there humor? Who or what are we invited to laugh at?
    • Is there an emotional appeal? What are we asked to feel?
    • Who are we asked to relate to?
    • Does this image or video give us a sense that we can aspire to another class?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Respond to another’s post with another healthy paragraph. Validate what you find interesting about what they say, then add something to their critique. What can you say more about? What do you have a different opinion on? Remember to be respectful.

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