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Your assignment is to (1) identify and research a nonprofit organization of your choice (Girl Scouts, Big Brother Big Sister, United Way, etc.). This nonprofit organization must have an (2) upcoming event that will take place in the next three months. Once you have identified the organization’s event, you will (3) write a news release for the event. There is an example of a news release on page 198 in your book. Use this news release as a guideline. Next, (4) you need to identify an actual contact person within the organization (it should not be you) and write a letter to the contact person with your press release as an attachment. Let them know that you have written the press release as an assignment in this class and invite them to use the press release if they so desire.

FYI, there is a news release checklist on the bottom of page 201 in your textbook.


Word Count for Press Release: 250. Please use Times New Roman 12 pt. double-spaced.

Word Count for Letter: 150 or less. Please use Times New Roman 12 pt. double-spaced.

NOTE: Upload only one document. The letter should be the first page and the press release should be the next pages.

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