write a 500 words Analysis of the short video.

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Proctor and Gamble is a huge multinational corporation ($65 billion in 2016 sales) specializing in cleaning and personal hygiene products. Please watch and then analyze this controversial Proctor and Gamble commercial entitled “the Talk.”


Here are some things you might want to consider:

  • What strikes you about this commercial?
  • What is P & G’s motivation in creating this commercial?
    • How does this help sell cleaning products?
  • Why is it controversial?
  • Comment on the production values (e.g., script, filmmaking, music, etc.).


We are looking for a thoughtful analysis of at least 500 words that contains a quotation from one of the course articles.

Your submission will be evaluated according to the following rubric:

Thoughtfulness/critical thinking/level of effort

Exceptional 30

Very good 25

Good 20

Adequate 15

Poor 0-14

Quotation from course article


College level organization, spelling, and grammar

College level 10

Mostly college level 6

Below college level 0-5


450-480 -5

400-449 -10

Less than 400- not graded

Total Possible Points


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