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Discussion 1

“Brief Correspondence” Please respond to the following:

Think about all the emails and text messages you have sent in the last 24 hours. Discuss how much time went into planning the correspondence, and the consequences of the time spent planning.
The textbook indicates that emails and memos should be an appropriate length for your message. Create a standard or best practice for determining an appropriate length for an email and a memo.

Discussion 2

“Ethics in the Workplace” Please respond to the following:

Discuss the varying degree of ethics found in organizations you have worked for and how these cultures affected you and / or your work. Then, discuss how you know you are part of an ethical organization.
You have completed a report for your supervisor that outlines a problem that cannot be solved easily or quickly. About one week later the same report is circulated throughout the company that has been altered significantly. You suspect your supervisor made changes to undermine the severity of the problem. Do you have an ethical obligation to speak up? Discuss how you would handle this situation.

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