Unit 2 Assignement

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Issue Identification

From the required readings, identify four topics that relate to your personal interests or your future work. Explain why you selected these topics. Then highlight two or three current or controversial issues within each topic. Choose one of the topics for further research, and identify scholarly resources to help you address one of the issues you identified. List the complete citations in APA style and formatting. Submit your paper as a Word document in the assignment area.

The resources you identify should address the following elements:

  • Any topic in the course. Review future topics to determine if any are of interest to you.
  • The role that the anatomy and physiology of human sexuality may play regarding the issue you selected.
  • The potential impact of this issue on persons with disabilities. (This would include myths the general public holds regarding the sexuality of persons with disabilities and the cultural implications of disabilities.)
  • How victimization, consumerism, ethics, morality, cultural mores, and laws impact this issue.

In a discussion in this unit, you will also practice creating one or two PowerPoint slides with your topics, issues, and resources. To see an example, review the PowerPoint slides linked in the Resources.

This assignment and the related discussion help to build to the Annotated Bibliography assignment, due in Unit 4. See the course project description as well as the assignment instructions in Unit 4 for more information.

Assignment Requirements

  • References: Use a minimum of three recent (within the last six years) scholarly sources (peer-reviewed journal articles available from the Capella library databases or from online scholarly journals). Note:Textbooks (including your course textbook) cannot be used as primary sources and cannot be counted as part of the reference requirement. Textbooks may instead be listed in the references section as auxiliary sources, in addition to the three required references.
  • Format: Use current APA style and formatting guidelines to cite your sources.
  • Length of paper: A maximum of four pages, double-spaced, in Microsoft Word.
  • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

Refer to the grading criteria for this assignment and to the course project description as self-assessments of your work.

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