Answer TWO questions on this story

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(you can pick whatever two you want to answer from the list below)

I attached the story

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings”: Questions to consider:

 Describe the reactions to the old man’s arrival; what do the townspeople think of him?

 What is the significance of the old man’s silence? What reason does Father Gonzaga concoct to explain his inability to communicate with the old man?

 What of the idea that Pelayo and Elisenda make quite a bit of money displaying the old man: is this a kind of exploitation? Is it OK for them to do so?

 How is the old man treated? How does he become a spectacle and how does she “compete” for attention from the Spider Woman? What is HER story?

 Obviously, no old men grow wings: what might be the old man SYMBOLICALLY represent? Consider his passivity and the idea that others “interpret” him as they like. Is there any connection in the seasons? When does arrive? When does he fly away?

 What is IRONIC in the story? Consider the function of wings. Does the story employ both humor AND poignancy? Explain.

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