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Q1 Read the case study of “Jack” located in the Topic 4 materials and provide the appropriate DSM-5 diagnoses in descending order, from the dominant, to the least dominant. For each diagnosis you assign, provide an explanation of the diagnostic criteria you assessed to be compelling, as found in the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria monograph for each disorder.

Q2 Bipolar and Depressive Disorders

Comparison Chart

Directions: Although bipolar and depressive disorders share several key similarities, some aspects are radically different among these disorders. The completion of this chart gives you an opportunity to thoroughly compare and contrast these specific disorders. Complete the table below by following the example provided for Cyclothymic Disorder. Include examples and at least two scholarly references as reference notes below the chart.

Note: “D/O” is an acronym for disorder

Disorder & Features

Depressive Episode?

Manic Episode?

Hypomanic Episode?

Duration of Clinically-Significant Symptoms

Duration of Symptom-Free Intervals

Distinguish From (Differential Diagnosis):

Comorbidity (Often Seen With):

Cyclothymic Disorder

No, butepisodes only that do not meet full criteria


No, butepisodes only that do not meet full criteria

2+ yr. in Adults

1+ yr. in Adolescents

No longer than 2 months

Psychotic D/O

Bipolar D/O

Borderline PD

Substance-Induced D/O

Substance-Related D/O

Sleep D/O



Major Depressive Disorder

Dysthymia Persistent Depressive Disorder


Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder

Bipolar I Disorder

Bipolar II Disorder


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