Culture, Society, Sociological Perspective and Values

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Select two (2) of the following 3 questions. Your answers should be 2 -3 pages per essay. Use 12 inch font, black ink, double spaced. WORD document. Page numbers.

Grammar and spelling should be proofread.

Remember to focus on the sociological perspective in answering your questions. No outside references or internet sources, use only your texts.

Remember you are answering as a Sociologist.

  1. Do you consider a large US multinational corporation to be a bureaucracy? Why or why not? Which of the main characteristics of bureaucracies would one expect to see in them? Which would you expect no to be present?

  1. Select a “deviant” group in our society and explain why a sociologist would consider them deviant. Using the sociological perspective, apply the three main sociological theoretical explanations for this group. Finally explain which is most logical to you?

  1. Is socialization critical to a society such as yours? Why or why not? How is socialization possible in our society? By what means are our cultural norms and values reinforced?

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