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Select an INFORMATIVE SPEECH from Vital speeches then Analyze the speech to see if it adheres to the guidelines:- here are six guidelines mentioned:

Don’t overestimate what the audience knows

Relate the subject directly to the audience

Don’t be too technical

Avoid abstractions

Personalize your idea’s

Be creative

First, give the speech information (who was speaking, where, when, link to video if available).

Next, use the following labels, putting them in bold, as is done below:

I. Dont’ Overestimate What the Audience Knows

II. Relate the Subject Directly to the Audience

III. Don’t Be Too Technical

IV. Avoid Abstractions

V. Personalize Your Ideas

VI. Be Creative

Double-space your work. Save your assignment as a .doc

How to navigate the VITAL SPEECHES website, if you choose to use this website:

Go to the VITAL SPEECHES of the day website ( ) and click on BROWSE near the top right of the page. Click on one of the broad speech topics categories. Occasionally you may select a category that brings up the following message:

Sorry, there were no matches for your query. Click here to search for more content related to Technology.

Click on the “click here” link within the vsotd website and you should be routed to a place within the vsotd website that contains speeches under your selected topic.

If you cannot locate a speech without being asked to pay a subscription, then go ahead and look for a speech on the internet instead.

just pick one informative speech then analyse the speech pick any one from any where just my professor recommended vital speech website

please follow the six guidline

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