Multiculturalism in Florida s History

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HIS Multiculturalism in Florida’s History

Final Exam

Your answers should be approximately three to four sentences, although you will be graded on content rather than length. If you answer more than four questions, I will base your grade on the four highest scoring answers.

Information should come from the class textbook and class notes and outlines. You may use additional sources of information if you wish, but it is not necessary and you will not be penalized if you do not. Your answer should be written in your own words to show your understanding of the content. You will automatically lose 5 points for each answer in which you simply quote from the textbook, class outline, or other source.

Your answers may be either submitted in class at our last meeting or E-mailed to the instructor by the due date for all course materials. If you prefer to take an in class examination the final week of class, please inform the instructor so arrangements can be made.


1. Spain did not have the manpower or resources to militarily conquer and pacify Florida’s original Native American inhabitants. Briefly identify and explain what alternative method Spain used to accomplish these goals.

2. Briefly identify and explain the reasons why the Spanish government built Fort Mose.

3. The class text states that the period of the Seminole Wars “most strongly shaped the cultural identity of the modern Seminoles” (p. 203) Do you agree or disagree with this statement and why?

4. Identify and briefly explain one of the cultural controversies surrounding the use of sharecroppers or migrant laborers.

5. Briefly explain how Florida’s state government commitment to the New South idea of promoting growth, development and business impacted the state’s commitment to maintaining segregation.

6. Many historians identify Florida as a bellwether state in terms of demographics (population). Briefly identify and explain one population trend in modern Florida history they feel will soon sweep the rest of the U.S.

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