Rasmussen College Different Ethnic Groups Needs Written Assignment

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In one paragraph, write about the topic that you will use for your Diversity Project. Be sure to include a brief justification of why you chose that topic and how you think it will relate to your career in Human Services. Remember to check your work for proper spelling, grammar, and mechanics.

The Diversity Project topic options are:

  1. Examine how diversity plays a role in determining and meeting human needs and how this impacts human services. (Write from an ethnic, cultural, gender, sexual orientation, learning styles, ability, or socioeconomic status standpoint)
  2. Examine the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and its implications for promoting diversity as a human service worker.
  3. Compare the Latino American and Native American cultures in terms of key ethnic differences .
  4. Compare the African American and Asian American cultures in terms of key ethnic differences.
    Please note that you may only select Options #3 or #4 if you do not belong to any ethnic group listed within those topics.
  5. option 1 is fine or 3 or 4. thank you.

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