English Composition

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Step 1 Research the writing styles.

Using course materials and in the Internet, research three or more articles that exhibit different writing styles. Use the following to guide your research:

Identify articles that represent the three different disciplines: Humanities, Social Sciences, Applied and Natural Science.

How does the author’s writing style shift depending on their subject matter and audience?

Step 2 Respond to the following questions and, if it’s relevant, include your own personal experience:

Q1 – Compare and contrast the three disciplines. Are they interested in the same topics? Do they value the same types of evidence?

Q2 – Are the articles organized in similar ways? Are there any distinctions in the length or complexity of sentences and paragraphs?

Q3 – Do the articles use images, charts, graphs, and other visual elements?

*Please use APA form, no plagiarism and each point in separate document. Thanks,

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