History of the United States 2

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  • What factors led to the Great Depression in the United States?
  • How did the Depression affect people in the U.S.?
  • What were Pres. Roosevelt’s goals for the New Deal?
  • Look at the examples of New Deal programs listed in the lecture.Do these programs seem like too much, too little, or just enough government interference in American lives?Explain your reasoning.
  • Why did the starving sharecroppers still have hope?
  • What were the human costs of the Great Depression for Anglos, Latinos, and African Americans?
  • What were the shortcomings of Herbert Hoover’s Depression program?
  • What measures did the early New Deal take to relieve the Depression, and how successful were they?
  • How did the New Deal help minorities and workers?
  • What did the New Deal accomplish, and what did it fail to accomplish?

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