Answer two questions on this short story

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(you can pick whatever Two you want to answer from the list below)

I attached the story

“Paul’s Case”

Questions to consider

:  Describe Paul’s personality as Cather lets it unfold in the opening paragraph. Is he someone we like? Admire? Why do his teachers have so much difficulty dealing with him?

 Contrast his three worlds – school, Carnegie Hall, and Cordelia Street – in which Paul moves. Why does Cather introduce them in that order?

 Discuss the THREE decorations that hang above Paul’s bed. What aspects of American culture do they refer to? What do they leave out?

 Describe the effect of the leap forward in time that occurs before we find Paul on the train to NY. Why does Cather withhold for so long her account of what has taken place?

 What is admirable about Paul’s entry into the city? What is missing from his new life?

 On the morning of his suicide, Paul recognizes that “money was everything.” Why does he think so? Does that story prove that is true? Not true? Is it true for YOU? Why or why not?

 What is the effect of Paul’s burying his carnation in the snow? the effect of his final thoughts?

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