Answer TWO questions on this Short Story

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(you can pick whatever Two you want to answer from the list below)

I attached the story

Read “The Yellow Wallpaper” and select two items below:

The story was first published as a “gothic” horror story in 1892 after being rejected several times by various editors. One editor said it was “too terribly good to print.” Why do you think people would have been reluctant to publish/ read it?

Since the story portrays, very vividly, a break with reality, what do you think Gilman was trying to convey? Do a little searching and you should find “Why I Wrote ‘The Yellow Wallpaper” online. Summarize it.

Trace the breakdown of the narrator’s grip on reality: what goes first? what symptoms does she experience? What senses (smell, sight, etc.)

Examine the color symbolism in the story: why yellow paper?

WHO is the woman trapped behind the paper?? Does she experience any kind of a “victory”?

Is it important that the narrator’s husband is a doctor? Why or why not?

Do a little searching and see what you can find on the popular Doctor S.Wier Mitchell (he’s mentioned in the story) and his (in)famous “rest cure.”

What is this story REALLY about? (depression, gender arrangements?)

(There is a great biography of CPG by Ann Lane published in the late 90s.)

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