Strangers in Their Own Land

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In this post, you will work closely with ONE of these key terms (I’ve included page references for important mentions, but you will see this term come up on many other pages, also):

  • the pulpit (ch. 8)
  • the press (ch. 8)

Link for the book:…

  1. Define the one key term you have chosen.
  2. Explain in a paragraph how this term appears in the lives of the people in Louisiana that are the subject of Hochschild’s book. Use specific examples from the book, including page references.
  3. Explain in a paragraph how you believe this term shapes the broader political landscape in America. For example, “empathy wall,” tell us how you think that that empathy walls shape the kinds of conversations that are possible (and not possible) between people of different political beliefs.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Once you have entered your own answer, respond to another’s post with another healthy paragraph. Validate what you find interesting about what they say, then add something to their analysis. What can you say more about? What do you have a different opinion on? Remember to be respectful.

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