Discussion Question US History

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This is a discussion question so please answer accordingly, the grading rubric is listed below. Please…NO PLAGIARISM!

States’ Rights vs. Federal Jurisdiction – Please respond to the following MAIN DISCUSSION QUESTION:

From the following 4 topics, research one issue from the past year. What is or are the main point or points in the issue you selected? Discuss if you side with states’ rights or federal jurisdiction regarding this issue and why.

  • Education
  • Health Care
  • National Parks
  • Environment

  • Discussion Grading Rubric:

    Instructions: 2 discussion posts are required each week:
    This week 2 there are 2 options for your Main Discussion (located at the top of the page). Choose only one Main Discussion question option to answer, then write your 2nd reply to another student or to any of my extra 2nd reply choice questions and videos that are posted down in the discussion thread. Total= 20 possible points

    10 points -Critical Thinking Skills
    Content/Subject Knowledge
    Demonstrated in the Main Discussion Post

  • 6 points -2nd reply choice post to at least one
    other student or Professor’s extra questions
  • 2 points -Coherence & Organization
  • 2 points -Writing Mechanics
  • Entries that earn good grades will follow the instructions, answer the questions thoroughly, be well-written, discuss, analyze or explain substantive information from the text. You should submit an original response of your own, not copied from fellow students, from the text or the internet. Any such violation of this directive will result in a grade of zero for plagiarism. When writing your discussion and answering the question you should:- Give substantive, well-reasoned and thoughtful comments
    – Be written in correct English grammar
    – Reply to one main discussion question option.
    – And Reply to at least 1 other student or to the professor’s 2nd reply choice questions, comments or videos.
    – Post your replies on at least 1 day
    – Your main discussion should be a minimum of 140 words

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