American history Question

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Read []

–The Great Depression

Read The American Yawp, chapter 23,sections I-concnlusion

1. What were the major causes of the Great Depression (do not include the Stock Market crash in your answer

2. What was the “Bonus Army” and in what way did Hoover’s reaction lead to his defeat in the 1932 presidential election?

1. What were the primary goals of the “first hundred days” of the New Deal?

2. In what ways did the New Deal hope to aid the South? (you will need to read sections VIII and IX to answer this question)

3.What was the primary focus of the Second New Deal?

4. In what ways did issues of race and gender limit New Deal policies?


Read AmericanYawp chapter 24 sections I-VI

1. What national needs led Japan to engage in hostilities in Asia, and ultimately against America?

2.What lessons learned from WWI led Germany to utilize the Blitzkrieg, or lightning war, strategy?

Please write each question using simple English a paragraph with specific details.

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