Theology and a personal experience of The Western Wall and Church of Holy Sepulcher.

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This paper should be about a brief history of these two places and what make these two places holy and significant in the faith of Judaism and Christianity. Also from a personal perspective of looking at the city of Jerusalem and these two holy places. This paper was based on Theology and mapping the holy land and personal observation of these two places through some personal connection of a student who was born in a Jewish family but never practiced any religion and this trip was his first encounter with both Judaism and Christianity. This person looking for a meaning in life and how religion can help him with that. The western wall is important to him because he has a connection to that as a child and the stories that his grandmother told him and 3 paintings that he inherited from her. His experience at the Church of Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem was significant as he for the first time attended a mass at that level.

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