“What is the differences between the influence nurses and doctors have in the health care sector?”

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Length: 2-3 pages( minimum 2 full pages)

Format: The format of essay should include a cover page, 2-3 pages of text,a reference page (total there should be 4 pages minimum). You should follow up APA format.

By following APA format, your essay should include:

-Cover page: running head, title of essay, name of institution (Miami Regional University), your name.

-Throughout the text,there should be in text citations( minimum 3 citations published within the last 10 years)

– References pages should be formatted according to APA style.


– Write a body paragraph with a clear THESIS STATEMENT at the end of the paragraph.

-Bullet point each of the three body paragraph.Have minimum 2-3 sentences for each bullet point.

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