EC210/EEC2500 Rasmussen Module 2 Health Care and Pregnant Women Paper

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Sonia has been in your care for 1 month. She is still babbling. Grandma came to school today with mom to see the environment. Mom told you they were from Russia and her mother understood or spoke very little English. Mom said her mother had come with them from Russia to receive better health care. Mom mentioned the care she received while pregnant with Sonia was minimal compared to the care she was receiving now. Then mom said. “Oh forgot to tell you I am pregnant and this baby is due in 4 months.”

In a 3-5 page, address the following:

How could you find out what health care mom did receive while she was pregnant, during delivery of Sonia and the care she and Sonia received afterwards?

Discuss how health care affects a developing fetus.

Use APA formatting for your paper. Include at least one in-text citation from your text, readings or additional research. In addition, include a reference page.

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