Anthropologist perspectives in my own enviroment

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  1. Please cover all aspects in 5 pages. You must write a high standard and use two peer references to support your claims AND, you must write from an anthropological view. Work not written to a high standard will be rejected, thank you

  2. Review Smith, S. (2009). Motel of the Mysteries. The Society for Georgia Archaeology. Retrieved from:
  3. To understand the key aspects that need to be included in this exercise
  4. Assignment exercise to written in 5 pages
  5. Choose one room of your home or a specific place in your community (playground, parking lot, restaurant). Visit and observe the site for 10-15 minutes. Be objective as you examine the site, remember not to mention what it is in today’s terms, but pretend you have do not recognize or have knowledge of the artifacts and site. Describe the overall scene.
  6. Collect and document artifacts. Describe the artifacts noting color, shape, weight, texture, quantity, material, and other features you think are important.
  7. Map (photos, hand drawn and scanned, digitally created map) the site and describe the physical characteristics of the site. (please attach this in a word document)
  8. Using your imagination, what are some other purposes the artifacts and site might have? What conclusions can you draw about the origin of the artifacts, their use, and the purpose of the site?
  9. explain how you used the sub field of archaeology, biological, cultural archaeological methods how would to use to help you interpret your artifacts and site?
  10. Reflect on some of the challenges archaeologists face in piecing together the past.

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