business maniac

Alexis Molina Ms. Denninger AP Lang and Comp 4/17/17 I would say that I’m a business maniac! Every day, when I have finished my homework, or when
I have some free time, I flip through the many financial channels I find exhilarating to watch,
especially while wearing my favorite Batman pj’s, with a mug of steaming hot coffee beside me
on the desk. By watching educational videos, broadcast by Dave Ramsey and the financial
education channel, I absorb a lot of new information. Also, I find that by doing this, lessons I
have been taught in my high school business classes but which I haven’t, perhaps, properly taken
in, become clear. Things like, say, how the stock market operates, or how to start a business.
This is exactly where financial educational videos score heavily. Some of them cover topics I’ve
never before learned about, while others provide insights into a variety of business concepts.
Immersing yourself in these videos will change your mind-set, just as they changed mine,
indeed, changed me as a person. As I scroll down through the list of videos, and find the ones
that most interest me (most likely concerning concepts I haven’t really touched on or learned
about), I discover new things which help me to develop my own ideas, my own thoughts, and
make me all the more determined to go on expanding my growing knowledge. My ambition is so strong that it drives me to try to learn something new each and every single
day. I feel that striving to learn at least one thing a day really pushes me on towards my ultimate
goals and what I want to pursue. I am confident that unrelenting effort, and dedication to
continue striving to go on learning, will finally reveal what will become my passion. Dave Ramsey once said, “Be weird or be broke!” And I totally agree. Look around; people who
are normal are mostly broke. America is filled with people who look good and act the part, but in
reality are broke, or almost. Watching all those financial educational videos has helped me
develop a new mind-set for myself. Now, I only spend money on stuff I really need. I look at
things very differently. Whenever I see a friend spending money on something, I feel I have
saved money – because I didn’t spend anything. When I enter a business premises, I now think
about how the business came to be, and how great their marketing strategies have to be to get
people to part with their hard-earned cash. This new mind-set has really helped me develop as a
person, it has allowed me to become more thoughtful and, consequently, I am making smarter
decisions in life.
I see all this as a captivating experience. Learning about business is one thing, but enjoying the
learning process is quite another. I feel I have truly grasped all the information that is put out on
the videos I watch, as well as everything I have been learning in my high school classes. I know
my desire to learn more each and every day is considered by some as being a little off the wall,
and even my friends think I’m crazy! I really don’t think I am crazy, but I do embrace the fact
that I can, sometimes, get out of hand with these things, especially when discussing the stock
market. But, to me, it’s all fun and games!



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