Business Letter

Make any changes you think are necessary to the Business Letter file after reviewing the checklist

  1. In lieu of letter head, is the return address properly formatted at the top?
  2. Is the date included and formatted correctly?
  3. Is the inside address properly formatted?
  4. Is there a greeting line?
  5. Is the body of the letter left-aligned with a blank space between paragraphs?
  6. Is there enough space for a signature?
  7. Final finishes: Are the typist’s initials necessary? Are there enclosures that need to be noted? Is anyone being CC’d?





then part 2, regarding the same assignment make these changes . SO please remember to create two different assignment.


  1. Bold this line of text.


  1. Underline this line of text.


  1. Align this line on the right side of the page.


  1. Change this line to italics.


  1. Change this line to 24pt.


  1. Cut this line and paste it at the end of the list.


  1. Change this line to Verdana font.


  1. Center this line.


  1. Add a bullet to this line.


  1. Make this line Bold and 16pt.


  1. Center and underline this line.


  1. Change this line to Arial font in italics.


  1. Make this line Comic Sans font, 18pt, Bold and underlined.


  1. Add a hanging indent of a half an inch to the following:


Zhou, X., & Schriesheim, C. A. (2010). Quantitative and qualitative examination of propositions concerning supervisor–subordinate convergence in descriptions of leader-member exchange (LMX) quality. The Leadership Quarterly21, 826-843.


  1. Change the line spacing of the text in question 15 to double space.


  1. Insert a table that is 3 columns and 5 rows on the next line.


  1. Change the margins of this document to a half an inch on all sides.


  1. Add a header with your name and the date



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