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Choose a business issue in the news that has ethical implications. Analyze the issue using the concepts you have learned in this course. Suggest any ideas that might help us deal with such an ethical issue in the future? In your analysis address the question, does being ethical result in better business performance?

Your essay must include at a minimum:

  • An explanation of the situation
  • Identification of the ethical issue
  • Explanation why it is an ethical issue related to business
  • The alternative courses of action and the potential implications of each
  • The course of action recommended and explanation supporting this course of action
  • A conclusion

This paper should be no less than 5 pages in length.It must be supported with a minimum of 4 business/academic quality references (no wiki, pedias, dictionaries, or general websites).Submit the document as an attachment.Follow APA format and make sure you include citations.

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