BUS 303: Advanced Professional Skills

Spring 2017
Assignment 6 – Reflection and Projection As you wrap up your BUS 303 experience, this assignment gives you the opportunity to both reflect on
what you’ve learned this semester and project forward to envision your future self. This assignment has
two parts and is worth 5% of your final grade. Together, your reflection and projection should be one full,
single-spaced page. Reflection:
Describe at least three (3) lessons or concepts from this course that you feel were the most valuable to
you. Be specific about what you learned and why it was meaningful or useful.
Write a short letter to your future self that addresses the following: What do you want to have accomplished in your career five years from now, and how will what
you’ve learned in this class impact your future moves?
What do you want to remind your future self about who you are and what motivates you?



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