BUS 128 Grossmont College Wk 12 Using Communication Ethically Discussion

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If a company receives a solicited formal proposal outlining the solution to a particular problem, is it ethical for the company to adopt the proposal’s recommendations without hiring the firm that submitted the proposal?

Why or why not?

In your response posts, take the opposite position. While being polite, take the opposite position from your classmate’s post, and try to persuade them they have a flawed position. (Be nice). Being persuasive without insulting is an art. Practice this here.


  • Your first response should be a minimum of 100 words, due Wednesday.
  • You should reply to a minimum of 2 other classmates’ responses with 50 words minimum
  • To earn full credit you need to answer more than “I agree” or “good job.” Your discussion replies may ask a clarifying question, may relate and apply to another situation, or you can probe the question deeper. But it needs to have substance in order for you to earn points.

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