Building on what you learned in the critical reading exercises

Could you please help me with strengthening my arguments and also on my introduction and conclusion paragraphs?

And also the grammatical mistakes. Thank you!

My draft is attached below.




Building on what you learned in the critical reading exercises, you will now write a more expansive rhetorical analysis of your primary text. Depending on your instructor, your essay may be focused on genre (the form), or it may involve other aspects of the rhetorical situation.


Consider this assignment an opportunity to further explore and expand a line of analysis that you began with your Critical Reading exercises- either in terms of genre or context, or both – and then develop that analysis into a more complete and complex argument.


The inclusion of secondary sources is intended to strengthen your argument in the context of academic discourse. You will weave relevant and credible sources smoothly into your argument so that it exists as part of an ongoing dialogue among multiple parties involving the text being analyzed.


Your instructor will provide more information about the particulars and the focus for this essay.


Basic requirements

Minimum length: 1500-1800 words. Typed, double-spaced, and presented in MLA format. A minimum of four (4) secondary sources, not including the primary text being analyzed, must be used to develop the essay. A working bibliography with source annotations will be required as part of the final draft.



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