Bronfenbrenner Tv Show Assignment

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  1. Use the television show Blackish.
  2. Choose a child in that family to evaluate.
  3. Create Bronfenbrenner’s system for the child selected (individual, micro-, meso-, exo-, macro-, chrono-)
    1. Individual – (5 points)
      1. identify the child’s temperament using 3 of the 9 Thomas and Chess aspects of temperament (do not use easy, slow to warm and difficult)
      2. age
      3. gender.
    2. Discuss why it’s important to assess the individual and not just the environment. (5 points)
  4. Microsystem – identify and discuss 5 relationships (5 points)
  5. Mesosystem – identify and discuss 5 relationships (5 points)
  6. Exosystem – identify and discuss 1 exosystem and how it affects the child (2 point)
  7. Macrosystem – identify and discuss 2 macrosystems and how they are demonstrated by the child (4 points)
  8. Chronosystem – identify and discuss 2 chronosystems and how they have affected the trajectory of the child’s life. (4 points)

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