BPA 422 UP Captain Croziers Quality Leadership Presentation

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Quality leadership can inspire individuals and transform organizations. The lack of leadership can lead individuals to feel unappreciated and undermine the morale and effectiveness of organizations.

You have been asked by your manager at a federal public organization to give a presentation to all managers on an example of quality leadership and its impact. Both of you agree that Captain Crozier, the commander of the USS Roosevelt, provides a good example of leadership even though he was fired by the Navy, as can be seen from the reaction from the rank-and-file cheering for him as he left the ship. Your manager hopes your presentation to the other managers at the public organization will inspire more courageous actions, help managers do the right thing more often, and improve the overall leadership at the organization.

Based on your research and readings, create a presentation with detailed speaker notes on leadership best practices for public administrators by examining the leadership of Captain Crozier. Your presentation should follow this outline:

Introduction slide

Content slides that do the following:

Summarize the situation where Captain Crozier showed leadership. 

Discuss the leadership style or styles he utilized in his decision-making process and problem-solving.

Assess what he could have done better.

Describe what you would have done differently.

List leadership best practices.

Assess the impact utilizing leadership best practices can have on public organizations.

Conclusion slide

Reference slide

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