Boys Beware

This week, you will be watching and reflecting on four specific videos (below) and then a few other videos of your choice (at the It Gets Better Project website). Please watch the videos in the order they are listed below.

Here are the four specific videos I want you to watch:

1. This 10-minute 1950s educational video, titled “Boys Beware”, was produced with the cooperation of the Inglewood, CA Police Department and the Inglewood Unified School District. (Links to an external site.)


Links to an external site.


2. This is a 9-minute 1967 CBS news segment hosted by Mike Wallace, a journalist and correspondent for CBS’s 60 minutes for nearly 40 years. The video is packed full of “expert” opinions (Links to an external site.)


Links to an external site.



3. This is a 3-minute video of Zack Wahls, a University of Iowa college student, testifying in 2011 before the Iowa House Judiciary against a proposed constitutional amendment that would have reversed the 2009 Iowa Supreme Court’s 7-0 ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in Iowa. The constitutional amendment was defeated. Iowa was the 3rd state to legalize same-sex marriage in the U.S. This video went viral on YouTube (Links to an external site.)


Links to an external site.



4. No spoiler alert for this 3-minute video of one man’s testimony before the Springfield, MO City Council. Watch the whole thing – all THREE minutes. (Links to an external site.)


Links to an external site.


After watching these four videos, I want you to go to the It Gets Better Project Website: (Links to an external site.)


Links to an external site.

. Read the “What is the It Gets Better Project?” to find out a little more the project and how it came about. Then click onVideos at the top (the site says there are over 50,000 videos!) and watch a few – which ones you watch is totally your choice. There are videos posted by famous, influential people and there are videos posted by people like us.

After watching the four specific videos above and then a few of the It Gets Better videos, I want you to write a brief reflection – NO MORE THAN 2 PARAGRAPHS – addressing the following:

  1. How do you think the negative stereotypes portrayed in the videos impacted relationship and family formation for gay and lesbian families? (Paragraph #1)
  2. Have the negative stereotypes for the LGBTQ+ community improved? If so, how do you think this change has affected family relationships? Could it get any better? (Paragraph #2)

If, because of personal/religious views, you are having a difficult time answering these questions, please contact your assigned GTA for suggestions.

Don’t describe the contents of the videos – I’ve seen them all many times. Tell me how they made you feel – emotionally. Your reflection needs to indicate you watched all four videos and something from It Gets Better.

Once you have written your reflection, click on the “+ Submit Assignment” link in the top right. Just copy and paste your reflection in the text box. DO NOT paste your reflection in the “Comments” box. Now click on the blue “Submit Assignment” tab near the bottom left. Be sure to do this BEFORE class on Tuesday.

For this you will receive the 10 weekly points for the online activity. Please be prepared to discuss the videos in class on Tuesday. You do not need to bring anything with you to class this week except your thoughts.

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