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Due 6/18/2023

Where kids learn (the physical environment), when they are learning (time), and what adults are involved in helping them (staffing) are core elements of a teaching and learning model — but they are not the center.

The center is your students, the relationships you’re creating, and what and how they are learning.

Sometimes we can become caught up in trying something cutting edge we lose track of the why behind it all. 

Use new ideas to branch out and expand your thinking and approach, but only if it serves your learners, values, and vision.

These structures should never be the driver, but they certainly can help. 


Create a Presentation using Powerpoint proposing a blueprint for redesigning a learning space or spaces within your organization aligned to Digital Teaching and Learning.

1. Review the document ”
Reimagining Space, Time and Staffing and 
Active Learning Design.pdf

Gather your thoughts by using some of the suggested activities to engage others in redesigning a learning space in your organization.

Be reasonable and thoughtful and keep these three things in mind:

Are students learning?

Is your design flexible and adaptable?

Can this be expanded to other parts of your organization successfully?

2. a. Use Powerpoint and narrate your slides

b. Include before and after pictures of the space you are redesigning and proposed changes to the same environment.

c. Include the rationale for this redesign and the goal. Include citations. 

d. Discuss the process for redesign and who you engaged in making this a reality. 

e. Include Who? What? When? Where? How? in the redesign activity. 

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