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Here you will find the information for the 3010 Pre-departure Project. This is a large project, which will be due prior to us heading to Italy (Due Sunday, May 28th). I have set the course and this project in this way to meet pre-departure hours and so that the assignments/requirements during our 4 weeks spent in Italy will be minimalized. However, that does mean the work load upfront will require some time and dedication.

Objective: To gain a greater understanding of an international location, including the social, cultural, political, legal, and economic forces associated with and their impact on tourism.

The pre-departure project is a two-part project in one submission. The first or rather main component will focus primary on a country of your choice (see list for options and then use link provided to choose), while the second part will focus on a region or sub-region (area) of Italy, our destination country, which will be assigned to you (see assigned list).

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I look forward to reading your completed work.

Best wishes,

Dr. Don


I just copy the introduction about this big project. This project is in my Dynamics of Tourism and Sustainability course. Then I just posted the word document that including all requests about this project, also including how to grade this project. You can see, this project have two parts. The first part is according to what the country I chose. I chose the country is Egypt. So please write around Egypt. The second part is according to the professor gave it to me. The professor gave Umbria to me. Umbria is the central region of Italy. And this big project need to turnitin, so please don’t do plagiarize. This project need to write more than 13 pages. So please according to the requests to write. Thank you!



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