BeWell Assignment #4

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BeWell Assignment #4 (45 points)
Complete and Save this assignment as a .pdf file.
Upload your typed BeWell#4 by the due date to Canvas.
We cannot accept emailed assignments.
Late assignments will be penalized as stated in the syllabus. STEP 1: STAGES OF CHANGE (5 PTS)
Answer each question in the table in detail about your stages of change.
Nutrition Exercise A) List your stage of change from
BeWell#1 for nutrition and exercise
B) List your current stage of change
for nutrition and exercise behavior.
C) Was there a change in your
stages of change or your
eating/activity behavior over the
term? Explain in 2-3 sentences why
or why not for both nutrition and
exercise. STEP 2A: NUTRITION JOURNALING (5 PTS) Using the nutrition journal, record all food and drink consumed for THREE days. At least ONE weekend day
(Saturday or Sunday) must be included. All columns within a row must be completed and detailed to earn full
credit. You may add additional rows if necessary.
For example: A sandwich should be itemized to be: 2 slices of bread (whole wheat), 2 slices of cheddar
cheese, 1 tbsp of mayo & mustard, 4 slices of tomato, 2 leaves of lettuce, 2 slices of turkey.
Date Day of
(MonSun) Time Food and Beverage Consumed Amount
(oz, cup, Tbsp,
slices, etc.) Satiety Level
After Eating
2=slightly hungry,
4=slightly full,
5=very full Number of fruits consumed in 3 days: ______________________________
Number of vegetables consumed in 3 days: _________________________
Amount of water (in ounces) consumed over 3 days: ___________________________ STEP 2B: EXERCISE JOURNAL (5 PTS) Record all exercise engaged in for one week (seven consecutive days). All columns within a row must be
completed and detailed to earn full credit. Indicate “No Exercise” on the days you did not exercise.
Refer to page 33 in your textbook with regards to labeling the intensity of exercise.
Date Type of Exercise
(walking, swimming,
resistance training
etc.) Detailed explanation of exercise (8
reps, 2 sets of 10 push-ups, 1500m
swimming, Heart rate during
exercise, etc) Duration of
(minutes) Intensity of Exercise
(low, moderate,
vigorous) Total time spent in low intensity exercise: _________________________
Total time spent in moderate intensity exercise: ____________________
Total time spent in vigorous intensity exercise: _____________________ Question #1: JOURNAL OBSERVATIONS (5 PTS)
After reviewing both your nutrition and exercise journal, explain TWO interesting perceptions/observations. Additionally,
compare and contrast your journaling from BeWell#4 with your BeWell#1 at the beginning of the term and state one
insight for both exercise and nutrition.
In 1-2 sentences, compare and contrast your current nutrition journal with your BeWell#1 nutrition journal. (What
were the similarities and differences?) In 1-2 sentences, compare and contrast your current exercise journal with your BeWell#1 exercise journal. (What were
the similarities and differences?) STEP 3: GOAL SETTING (15 PTS)
Question 2:
A) Re-State your 1-2 SENTENCE SMART GOAL from
previous BeWell assignments:
*Be sure you have used your TA/instructor’s
feedback from previous assignments to revise your
SMART goal with all 5 SMART components in onetwo sentences.
(above) was supposed to be completed near the Your Responses end of the term.
In 2-3 sentences, describe your progress on
achieving this SMART goal.
C) Using the SMART goal format, create a NEW 1-2
sentence SMART goal that you will work towards
for the next 4-6 weeks. STEP 4: PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE (8 PTS)
Question 3: Strategies for the Next Three Months. In this quarter, you have learned about eating and exericse patterns and identified how it relates to your personal health
and wellness. Describe two strategies that you will personally use to maintain (or improve) your nutrition and exercise
patterns in the next three months. Each strategy should be detailed in 2-3 sentences. (Please note: A strategy is a
careful plan, be specific).
Strategy 1:
Strategy 2: Question 4: The Next Three Years.
List your current academic major or
explain your career aspirations. How will you incorporate healthy
eating and exercise patterns into
your desired career path? Explain how incorporating healthy
eating/exercise patterns will
specifically affect two dimensions of
2) Final Instructions: Save as a .pdf (recommended).
Upload your assignment to Canvas by the due date.
Double check your uploaded document for errors.




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