Bethel University Risk Analysis and Threat Paper

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This unit we research NIMS (National Incident Management systems. For this assignment, you will review the current state of NIMS. Then discuss and analyze each of the following categories in depth.



  1. Resource Management
  2. Command and management
  3. Ongoing management and maintenance
  4. Imagine you responded to an emergency disaster scene. For example, a hurricane such as Harvey, Irma or Maria.  You are now involved with Incident Command and need to apply NIMS asap! Remember you are right there so no time to spare…..
  5. 1. What are advantages of NIMS today?

2. What are disadvantages of NIMS today?

3. How can we improve NIMS or should it stay as it is currently?

Textbook and Reference is attached below:

Broder, J. & Tucker, E. (2012). In Risk Analysis and the Security Survey. 4th Edition. Butterworth-Heinemann. Waltham, MA.

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