file:///C:/Users/brian/Downloads/chilyoutenvi.23.1.0229.pdf Due May 15
Final Paper(40%): Both I am Malala,and Behind the Beautiful Forevers portray the
struggles faced by men and women from different classes and backgrounds in
South Asia, as they endeavor to survive against social and political oppressions.
Both books discuss how women can feel empowered, and discuss the challenges
that South Asian women and men face in their attempts to live productive lives.
What are these challenges, and how do the characters overcome them?
In this paper discuss how each book portrays a complex picture of South Asian
societies, and the challenges faced by contemporary citizens. Discuss how the
characters respond to the challenges they face? Do they resist, or submit? What
messages do they give about gender based oppression, and struggles in South
Asia? Once you have written this section, reflect on the similarities and differences
between the lives of the characters, and the other stories we have read/ watched.
What picture emerges of gender identities in South Asia from these works? I am
especially interested in thinking about resistance, and empowerment. How do
different stories portray resistance against continuing challenges? For instance,
what does Malala say about resistance? In Boo’s work, what do the characters do
to suggest resistance against obstacles? Do you agree or disagree? The essay should be at least 5-6 pages long, double spaced, 12 font with a works
cited page if necessary. All essays must have at least 6-7 direct quotes from the
book. All proposals are due by May 5



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