Based on these findings, what type of HF does MW have

Patient Profile

M.W. is a 65-year-old female. She is a retired auto worker who lives in a condo with her golden retriever, Charlie. She has a history of diabetes type II diagnosed 3 years ago. She had a myocardial infarction in 2012. She does not exercise. She denies smoking or alcohol use. She was feeling fine until yesterday.


Basic Assessment Data

A&O x4, shortness of breath on exertion, fine crackles in bilateral lower lobes, O2 saturation 89% on RA. S1 and S2 audible without murmur, cap refill >2 secs lower extremities, <2 secs in upper extremities. Vitals: BP 100/60, HR 84, RR 28, Temp 36.1C

Ht: 5’ 5” Wt: 200 lbs.


Question #1:

(10 points) Based on these findings, what type of HF does MW have? Why?




Question #2:

(5 points) What risk factors for HF does MW have?




Question #3:

(5 points) What other manifestations of HF will you assess for?




Question #3:

(10 points) Do you believe her HF is acute or chronic? Why?





Question #4:

(15 points) What nursing diagnoses are most appropriate for MW? Name 3.




Question #5:

(10 points) What nursing diagnosis takes priority? Why?




Question #6:

(10 points) What goals do you have for MW’s care? Name 2.




Question #7:

(25 points) What interventions would you recommend for MW’s priority diagnosis? Name 5 and provide rationale for each.




Question #8:

(10 points) What would you teach MW?

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