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   Please answer each question in a complete paragraph followed by a reference. Please respond to each question separately. All questions need to be answered in full complete sentences. Please only answer three questions per page  Please do not make the paragraph full of cited information the paragraphs must be at least 8 sentences long. only 3 questions per page answered.   



Discuss the Freedom of Information and Public Access (FOIA) law, its history, and identify how it applies to fire prevention activities and records.


Love and liking are two similar, yet different, types of phenomena that we as humans deal with. As you consider these two psychological constructs, can you separate them? Or are they indelibly linked together? Explain the rationale behind your thoughts on this topic.


what do you feel are the top 3 social environment factors impacting relationships today.  Tell why you choose each factor.


Part I

There are various factors in making decisions to charge an individual with a crime. There are also stages and rules of trial by jury and rules of entering a guilty plea. This discussion asks you to examine plea agreements and the trial process.

Please discuss each of the following:

1. Discuss some of the reasons why a prosecutor would offer a defendant a plea agreement. Share your thoughts on plea bargaining. Discuss the constitutional requirements of entering a guilty plea agreement.

2. What is the difference between a bench trial and a jury trial. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Part II

Based on the facts provided to you in Week 1 discussion, the investigation report, the confession by Mayo and the witness statements made by Dietz and Joe answer the following:

1) If you were the defense attorney representing Mayo would you try to negotiate a plea agreement on his behalf or go to trial? Why? 

2) The prosecutor is given a lot of discretion in the criminal court process.  If you were the prosecutor would you try to negotiate a plea agreement or go to trial? Discuss why and make sure to support your position. 


Creating economically competitive sports leagues stands a better than average chance of eliminating the ills in professional sports. Here we are talking about parity in professional sports. Is it important? Give examples of why it is important or why it is not important.


Part A

  Discuss the differences between financial and managerial accounting. What types of documents are prepared by business organization using financial and managerial accounting?

Part B

Please visit the 
Institute of Management Accountants site. What can you find to share about the accounting profession?


Business: Klassik Styles Hair Salon

Take a look at
Legal Zoom and
Rocket Lawyer.

Evaluate both these sites and see what they have to offer. How might these sites be useful for your venture? Would you use their services? Why or why not? Search for other similar options to assist with legal needs. What other affordable options are available to entrepreneurs (you must discuss at least one)? Make sure to check local bar associations and as well.


Indicate your Jungian type (from the assessment in Content 1) and then determine your Keirsey Temperament from the list below:

Jungian Type

Keirsey Temperament  










State your Keirsey Temperament. Next, describe your “Dream House”. Imagine you have a budget of $8 million. As you read classmates’ posts, notice similarities in the descriptions written by like Temperaments.


your own thoughts and ideas about the Principles of Interpersonal Communication.


Discuss your thoughts and ideas regarding Culture and Interpersonal Communication. How do differences in culture affect how you communicate with others?

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