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After being asked by a physician to investigate a new procedure for nurses to adopt into the hospital setting, I would meet with nurse managers and educators and start looking into it. The first thing I would do is ask myself is if the procedure the physician is asking for nurses to do is within our scope of practice, especially for our unit and specialty. I would use the Model of Professional Nursing Practice Regulation, a top-to-bottom approach can be used as well to further understand the usability of the model (American Nurses Association, 2016). The model gives you direction to where to look to see if something is in your scope of practice. Next I would look into my states board of nursing website to establish what the rules and regulation are. It is crucial to make sure the physicians are not asking for nurses to perform duties out of their scope of practice. Some doctors deal with so many different departments and forget that for example the pediatric neurology floor may not be as equipped to deal with complex gastro issues like the pediatric gastroenterology floor may be. At our hospital we sometimes call other floors to ask them about procedures they may be more familiar with.

After gathering all of the information about the new procedure and which nurses would be qualified to perform it, a policy and procedure would have to be written up if there was not one already. Once that was complete, a staff meeting would be appropriate in order to introduce the new procedure to the nursing team and develop competencies for the them to complete.


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