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System Design

System Design 1 System Design Roger Clark System Design 1 CYB 690 Introduction Overall system architecture The paper shows an insight into the Cumberland Farm’s system design. An open architecture built to make it simple to smoothly join, upgrade, and/or switch modules used on the Cumberland Farm system. The platform also guarantees optimization, accessibility (possibilities […]

Cybersecurity Architecture

Cybersecurity Architecture Roger Clark Cybersecurity Architecture 1 CYB – 690 Introduction It is harder in the complex environment in which businesses work to protect transfers, data and network components. A successful security infrastructure incorporates a range of strategies and strategic innovation as well as robust information and knowledge systems. The design of protection is the […]

Cybersecurity Test and Validation Scheme Scoring Guide

CYB- 690 Cybersecurity Test and Validation Scheme Scoring Guide Performance Level Ratings Meets Expectations Performance consistently met expectations in all essential areas of the assignment criteria, at times possibly exceeding expectations, and the quality of work overall was very good. The most critical goals were met. Near Expectations Performance did not consistently meet expectations. Performance […]

Discuss what makes a system effective

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: The components of a system are interdependent; therefore, the design phase is not a series of clearly defined steps. Even though work may start in one area, it will typically involve working with several different elements at a time. For example, a decision to change […]

Be able to apply knowledge and theory gained in their courses of study within current workplace or in their future employment.

 it is now time for students to reflect on the knowledge obtained in  their course(s) and determine the effectiveness of incorporating  real-world experience into our academic curriculum. Please complete the  survey/reflection to the best of your ability. Students should; Be able to apply knowledge and theory gained in their courses of study within current workplace or in […]

Assess cloud-based implementation strategies.

Competency Assess cloud-based implementation strategies. Scenario You are a software developer for a large travel company. Your company’s web application is more like a monolithic architecture. It allows the following functionality to end users: Make a travel reservation Pay for your trip Search for a travel site Review an existing reservation Cancel a reservation These […]