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Social work written assignment

Assignment: Journal Review – LGBT Populations   While sexual identity is a very personal aspect of an individual’s life, it also includes social and public aspects as well. It is social in that you generally include your significant other as a participant in social circles with your family, friends, and colleagues. Sexual identity is public […]

Discussion: video report of your case consultation: presenting and

   In this Discussion, you first present to your peers the case collaboration begun in Week 4. Note: You make this presentation individually—you do not present with your partner. Your colleagues then review your diagnosis for validity, recommending an evidence-based tool to use in your case. Such tools help confirm the details and validity of […]

Peer review dbq

Details attached  Due by 8 pm US EST on 9/12 The peer review process is a common practice in public health. Whether it is for submission of manuscripts or submitting proposals, learning to give and receive feedback from your peers fosters collaboration and enhances your ability to work as part of a team. Initial post-completed, […]

The assignment: (3 page paper apa format)develop a state asset map

Application: National, State, and Community Asset Mapping It is essential to be aware of and develop relationships with crisis responding organizations and service agencies in your local area or community. National organizations partner with their local and state affiliates to provide direction and communication from outside the disaster area. When there is no national affiliate […]

Group project charter

  Hello, Looking for someone to read and understand from the business case attached and write the scope of the project in my group project charter template attached. thanks follow this instructions too ● Project Charter ○ Description: Use the business documents prepared in Week 3 (business case and any other business documents you might […]