Audience Analysis peer review

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This is your chance to get
ideas and suggestions from your peers. Remember, the draft that you post
for the peer review must be complete and as polished as possible, so
make sure you do one round of editing before posting.


Conduct two (2) peer reviews
entering your feedback in the “Audience Analysis Peer Review Form” and
returning the “Audience Analysis Peer Review Form” to your peer.


1) Post a draft of the Audience Analysis (as one Word attachment) in this Discussion forum.

2) Use the “Audience Analysis Peer Review Form” below to provide feedback to two of your peers.

3) If a draft already has a
review, please move on to drafts that have no reviews. If all drafts
have been reviewed at least once, then feel free to review any draft you

4) Use the “Peer Review Sample”
below to guide how you provide feedback. Use this form only to model the
appropriate language to use when completing the peer review form
below. You do not need to mark up your peers’ drafts; just complete the
peer review form.

5) You may not simply copy the
language from the peer review form in your responses as this is not in
the spirit of the assignment. Your peer review should go beyond confirmation of meeting the assignment to offer constructive feedback.


Worth 20 points.

  • 10 points for each peer review

You will receive deductions for the following:

  1. Not using complete sentences
  2. Not answering each question on the form
  3. Copying the language from the peer review form without providing substantive feedback.
  4. Using only one sentence responses for each question

No points will be awarded for missing/late peer review.

Finally, if you choose to post only
your own draft and do not review the drafts of at least two of your
peers, you will receive a “0” for the assignment.

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