Attention all Emerging Adults

Attention all Emerging Adults. If you are not sure if you fit into this category, Emerging adulthood are in
the age category of eighteen to twenty-eight. First, I would like to say congratulations! You have made it
through probably the most awkward stage of life, adolescent. Through that period of your life, there
were many changes. Almost as if you wanted to run with life but you just couldn’t get your feet
grounded enough to do that. Well I have good news for you, now is the chance to do just that. Today a
new adventure begins. You may find yourself in a position thinking, “I am in my twenties now I am not in
a hurry to get married or fall into a mundane routine with an employer. I am just going to enjoy life as it
comes.” I can completely understand that reasoning, but I would like to pass along a few suggestions on
to help you through this time. Life does not just happen to us. We must make life happen. I had to learn
this the hard way and went through my Emerging Adulthood waiting to be found by life but in all reality,
it is my job to create my path of life. My main advice to you would be to choose wisely. Every choice you
make concerning your life throughout this time will have long term affects. Metaphorically speaking, we
are all like trees. At the end of our life, we want to see ourselves producing an abundance of fruit. But at
this moment, our main focus is making sure our soil is rich and full of nutrients to grow allowing success
in our life. You may ask, “how do we start doing this?” My first suggestion is find a mentor. Find someone
that you can look up to and go to for questions. Someone who can help push you to be better than who
you are right now and impart wisdom when needed. A person you can trust enough to help pull you out
of an unhealthy situation you may not see yourself falling into. Secondly, I would advise you to surround
yourself with healthy friendships. You cannot associate with unhealthy people and expect your life to be
different. Slowly we will morph into our environment that we choose to dwell in. Thirdly, do not put
unnecessary pressure on yourselves. This is a very important time in your life. Do not miss out on life
around you while focusing so hard to make it right. Life is not perfect. we will make mistakes and fall
down. Growth comes to us when we choose to stand back up, learn the reasons why we fell, and not do
them again. We only get one life so we must make it count

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