Attached document is my topic selection.

Attached document is my topic selection.


  • state your thesis
  • outline the main points that will be made in the paper and introduce the content to the reader
  • put your paper into context (social, political, historical,…etc)

Purpose and Objective

  •  present the paper’s aims and goals

Definition of Terms

  • define terms that need an explanation to be understood in the context of your paper

Main part:

  • Illustrate facts and develop thoughts and arguments according to your research.  The main part of the paper can be developed chronologically, thematically, geographically, or in any number of ways that fit your topic.  Explain how you are approaching and organizing the material.


  • restate your thesis
  • summarize your findings and thoughts, you might want to present your interpretation of facts
  • present your own assessment or main critique


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