Assignment Details

Assignment Details
For this deliverable, we’d like you to do some discovery about your communication style
and then to reflect upon communication within your organization.
Before you begin this report, you will need to complete a brief on-line communication
assessment and read some information about a rather commonly recognized
communication style assessment tool called DiSC. Keep in mind that this is not meant to
define your communications style, but rather as a model to help you in gaining insight
and perspective around how we work together.
You will then use this information to notice how the various communication styles
appear within your work place. At the same time, reflect on how your communication
style either helps or hinders your effectiveness/success at your internship. Finally, give
yourself one communication goal with this new insight. Your report should be a wellwritten and thoughtful paper that addresses the following questions.
NOTE: You should not be responding in short answers. The following questions are
provided to prompt a thoughtful and well-rounded reflection. Steps for the Completing the Assignment: Complete the free online DiSC assessment (Links to an external site.)Links to an
external site. Read the following article – What is the DiSC Model? (Links to an external
site.)Links to an external site.
Watch this brief YouTube video -DiSC Workstyles (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Write your reflection based on the prompt questions below. Do not write short
answers for each of the questions. The prompts are provided as a guide in creating
your communications reflection.
Consider reviewing these additional resources for more insight – o o Communicate Effectively Leveraging DiSC Profiles (Links to an external
site.)Links to an external site.
Disc profiles Quick Profile pdf You should upload a 2-page report that covers the areas specified below. Please note,
the 2 pages do not include the Cover Page. This is also an exercise in writing
as concisely as possible. Stay within the two page limit.
Your report should address the following criteria: Cover Page
Again, this information is not included in the page total. The following information must
be provided in the top left‐hand corner: Name Student ID Number Major Option Internship Semester and Year Employer and Employer Location Title (centered on the page in big bold letters) Communication
1. What were the results of your DiSC assessment?
o Do your agree or disagree with the results?
Did you have any "ah ha" moments when your got the results? (Any
insight?) 2. As you read the information or watched the video, did any of the information
immediately make you think of any individuals you work with? 3. Does it bring any new insight into how you work well with or struggle with these
team members? (Please feel free to share anecdotal insight to demonstrate
understanding.) 4. How does your organization communicate both internally and externally?
o What are examples of good communication skills being utilized within your
organization? o
5. How would you suggest improving the effectiveness of the communication
within the organization? With this information, what is one goal that you are setting for yourself with
regards to communication? Be specific as to how you will apply this insight.

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