Assignment 8 Beyond Sink and Float

This presentation is chocked full of ideas pertaining to ideas that can help foster scientific thinking skills with your children. It addresses concepts such as the Standards, STEAM, how should teachers approach scientific thinking, what teachers need to know about the various science topics and the exciting resource entitled “MESS” (which we will learn more about in the near future. Please watch the video in its entirety and use the video response form under the content area to respond to what you saw.

Pressentation summary


This month we went beyond sink and float to talk about early childhood science learning with Dr. Andrew Shouse

and Marvelous Explorations with Science and Stories (MESS).

*Key messages from the presentation:

*Children can understand abstract scientific concepts.

*Natural curiosity helps children to be keen observers.

*You don’t need deep science knowledge to teach science.

*You can focus on developing children’s scientific thinking skills.

*Conduct scientific explorations over an extended time. This will provide many examples and opportunities for

understanding a concept.

*Avoid less effective approaches: magic show science; hodgepodge or sporadic efforts; limiting science

activities to art (instead of conducting an investigation, for example); or keeping

science separated in a stand-alone center.

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