Article review

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 This is a two-part assignment. Part I – Article Review, Part II – PowerPoint Presentation This is individual work. The purpose of this journal article review is for the student to use evidence-based practice (EBP) research and appraisal of existing evidence, analyze an issue related to the nursing care of the aging population and the development of a solution to their specific issues. Select an article on gerontological condition or Healthy People 2030 – Older Adult Objectives (listed below). Then locate an article(s) regarding the current treatment and nursing practice for the disease from a scholarly nursing journal, for example Advances in Aging Research.  

 Explain the age-related changes in the psychological system a) Depression b) Delirium c) Dementia d) Alzheimer e) Sexual Dysfunction f) Suicide  APA style Refrences less than 5 years

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