Aristotle’s Concept of Tragedy”

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Review “Aristotle’s Concept of Tragedy” (pp. 1160-1162) and Arthur Miller’s “Tragedy and the Common Man.” (Links to an external site.)

Compose a three- to five-page essay on the following topic:

Decide for yourself what tragedy is, and then examine Oedipus the King and Death of a Salesman as tragedies. How are they different from or similar to one another? Realizing that 2400 years separate these plays, what do these differences/ similarities mean?

To successfully complete this assignment, document your evidence. Review “Document Sources Using MLA Style,” beginning on page 1863 of the Kennedy and Gioia text, and follow these guidelines:

  • create a clear and limiting title (a title page will not be necessary);
  • double-space your essay;
  • use standard margins;
  • number your pages;
  • set off and indent ten spaces, and double space quoted material over three lines;
  • proofread your essay carefully.

If you have any questions about this assignment, don’t hesitate to contact your instructor.

This assignment may not be revised for a higher score.

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